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Currently Compiler Design,C Language Foundation Course, Data Structures & Operating System Courses are available.

It is also to be informed that before subscribing please ensure that you have a good internet connection because the paid subscription videos are non-downloadable in nature.

Sample Videos for Checking your internet connection speed is also available. In Compiler Design After Unit 2 Video 10, C language Unit 4 Video 0 and in Data Structures Course after Unit 5 Video 2. Besides this it is also advisable to view lectures at late nights where the internet connection is slow

a) Foundation Course:- This course is especially designed for students preparing for B.Tech Semester Exams.Since in B.Tech Semester exams subjective questions are involved, emphasis has been given to these type of questions. In this Course Concepts and principles are discussed. You must have gone through these Free Video lectures on Youtube. The rest of the course is available on a paid subscription.

(b) Advanced Course :- This Course is Specially designed for students preparing for GATE Exams. Here tricks and shortcuts are discussed to solve the problems and One can apply these tricks only if his concepts are clear. This is a detailed course. Lot of questions,GATE Problems etc will be discussed.



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Jubair Idrisi

C Language Foundation Course

first of all thank you very much sir ,you are a great teacher  whatever the subject i have learnt from you i just fall in love with that much respect and love for you are doing great job and hatts of to you boss. Today i have finished "c foundation course" before taking this course i know c language but this course clear and make my fundamental very strong and now i am able to trace down each code of  c in each iteration of looping,and  now i see any c code  and able to to understand each statements.after completing this course i am feeling very confident and comfortable in c.

Aishwarya Mishra

Compiler Design Foundation Course, Feb 2017

Dear Sir, Your Compiler Design lectures helped me a lot to understand the main concepts. Results are out and i could score really good marks in that subject. Grateful to you.Thanks a lot. I have not only learned the concepts but also the way you explain things with great love and respect to the students. Looking forward to learn more. :) Thanks and Regards, Aishwarya Mishra

Mohd Ali

Compiler Design Foundation Course

Good evening sir,
I am Mohd Ali, I am working working as a lecturer in a private post graduate college to teach operating system, compiler design, software engineering, DBMS, c Lang, UNIX, oracle . I learn compiler design from your subscrbe lectures only. Very excellent and cleaarly understandable one, thank u very much sir, which helps me to understood complete text book of a.v aho Ravi sethi , JD ullman compiler book. Sir IAM eagerly waiting foR DAA and TOC subjects. Best of luck sir. Iam really very highly motivated sir by watching ur lectures, keep it up sir as well as I am preparing for UGC NET | SET | SLET Examinations.....

Shubhi Gautam, IIIT Hyderabad

C Language Foundation Course, Dec 2015

Tanuj Sir's classes improved my C coding skills conceptually. He taught the basic and core concepts of C very well. You get a deep understanding of the language, and he works at a pace that suits you. I really enjoyed his classes. I was comfortable enough to ask any question without any hesitation. He even teaches some interesting topics, that they do not teach in other classes. I really enjoyed his service. Thank you Sir!

Gaurav Gupta
Compiler Design Foundation Course

sir ji your great for poor people ,i am student of yadwindra college of engg.talwandi sabo(bti)punjab.i live in village tangral .sir g meri cse cd vicho supply c ,tuhada video lecture download kar k study kr riha ha sir tuhada bahut dhanbaad
Monika Nigam
Compiler Design Foundation Course

Hello sir, this is monika nigam. Sir i really like your videos of compiler design. They are really helpful for me. I want to access the rest of compiler design videos. Kindly help me
Roxy Palma
Compiler Design Foundation Course

Thanks a lot. Best description on YouTube.
Tarsem Tangrali
Compiler Design Foundation Course

sir tuhada bahut dhanwaad, sir meri suply c . mai tuhaadea video dakhia sir ate ajj mera CD da paper c sir meri tuhade karke suply nikal gayi ,mra paperbahut badia hoya god tuhade age lami kare ,sir tusi jeonda raho lakha saal,ajj ek poor tuhade karke bahut khush hai your are great teacher bahut badia soach hai tuhade sir,india lai kam kar raho ,j kr sare teacher tuhade varge ban jaan ta india b hora desa vang intelegent ho jao ga sir g maan ha tuhade ute des bagata nu,very ........very thank you sir g tuhada

Abhishek Kulshrestha
B.Tech Placement Preparation Course

Good work! Waiting for more videos :)

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